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 If you are suffering in Los Angeles with nasty, burning dry eyes, visit dry eyes doctor Dr. Paul Super at Eyesite Optometric Group right away. He is a dry eyes specialist who has the skill and years of experience to ease your uncomfortable dry eye symptoms and make you feel good again.  

What Is Dry Eye and How Can a Dry Eyes Doctor Help Me?

Dry eyeis a problem where your eyes do not make enough tears to nourish and lubricate your eyes. Tears are critical for maintaining the health of your eyes and lubricating the eye surface. Tears also are important so you can see clearly. Dry eye is a common problem, especially in areas with a lot of dry, hot weather, such as Los Angeles. 

People who have dry eye do not produce enough tears or their tears are not of good quality: 

Not enough tears: Your tears are made by several tiny glands around the eyelids. Tear production usually drops as you ageand can occur with some medical conditions and medications. Dry environmental conditions can lead to a decrease in your tear volume, as well. When your tear production decreases or your tears evaporate too fast, you can get dry eye symptoms. 

Poor tear quality: Tears consist mostly of oil, water, and mucus. Each critical component nourishes and protects the front surface of your eye. A smooth oil layer prevents the water layer from evaporating too fast. The mucus layer spreads your tears evenly over your eye surface. If your tears evaporate too quickly or do not spread over your cornea properly, you can start to develop dry eye symptoms. The most common type of dry eye happens when the water part of the tears is inadequate. Dry eye syndrome also is known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca. 

People who have dry eye could experience scratchy, gritty, burning and irritated eyes. You may feel as if something is in your eyes all the time. But the good news is you can call on dry eyes specialist Dr. Paul Super to treat your dry eye problem. As a well-regarded dry eyes doctor, Dr. Paul Super will work to restore or maintain the normal level of tears in your eyes. 

Depending on your condition, dry eyes specialist Dr. Super will add tears to your eyes with over the counter artificial tears. Or he can prescribe special eye drops that encourage healthy tear production. He also may recommend that you take omega-3 fatty acid supplements to reduce your dry eye symptoms.  

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