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Have you been experiencing eye discoloration? It is important to contact Dr. Paul Super as soon as possible. If you are experiencing yellow eyes or other eye discoloration, you could have a serious medical condition, so reach out to Dr. Super today at (310) 820-2020 or visit his website. 

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Sclera Function and What To Know About It

 The sclera is the white of the eye and should always be white. If part of the eye is red or you have eye discoloration, it is time to visit Dr. Paul Super and get to the bottom of it. He will examine your sclera function and overall eye health and determine the next steps. 

One form of discoloration of the eye is called conjunctival icterus. This is the technical term for yellow eyes. Yellow eyes may be a symptom of jaundice. This is a discoloration of the eyes and skin that is caused by higher levels of a pigment called bilirubin. 

Jaundice can happen in babies, children, and adults. But the cause is different according to the age group. While jaundice is not a disease, it is a sign that your liver, gall bladder, and bile ducts are working abnormally. 

One of the liver’s purposes is to get rid of bilirubin, which is a waste compound that is made of old red blood cells. 

Usually, your liver will take bilirubin from your blood and make bile. The bile is sent to the gall bladder, is stored there and is excreted by the body later. If there is a problem with the liver and bilirubin builds in the blood, you may have eye discoloration in the white.

Other Possible Causes of Eye Discoloration in the White

There can be other reasons you are experiencing discoloration of the sclera. Hepatitis can damage your liver and affect its ability to process bilirubin. This can cause hepatocellular jaundice and may make your eyes yellow. 

Autoimmune diseases that affect your body’s immune system may lead to hepatitis and can cause yellow eyes. 

Sometimes you may have a duct that carries bile from the liver clogged with gallstones. This is obstruction jaundice and can cause eye problems. 

Cirrhosis is a late stage scarring of your liver and can damage the ability of the liver to process bilirubin. Cirrhosis can be caused by hepatitis, fatty liver disease, and alcoholism, all of which can make your eyes yellow. 

Other possible causes of yellow eyes include liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, and gall bladder cancer. 

If You Have Yellow Eyes, Contact Dr. Paul Super Now!

 Having discolored eyes can be a real worry. While this condition does not always mean you have a severe health condition, it does mean that it should be checked out by an eye professional. To have your eye discoloration checked out right away, please call (310) 820-2020.