5 Simple Tricks I use to find the best optometrist near me


Like most people who suffer from one form of visual impairment or the other, finding a qualified optometrist near me is top-priority; especially because I'm a stickler for professional and expert eye-care services.

The importance of this is heightened by the fact that self-proclaimed eye-care specialists these days are a dime-a-dozen, and that is why it’s very important for anyone who’s serious about getting top-notch eye-care; to take the trouble to carefully seek out a qualified eye-care professional.

While there are many expert optometrists around, there are also a lot of quacks who profit from misleading patients into losing their hard earned monies, and in extreme cases even lose their sight.

In this article, I will share 5 ways that I have successfully used over the years to find the finest optometrists near me. Perhaps you might consider using them yourself to make an informed choice in finding a good eye doctor near you: 

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The importance of experience when it comes to choosing an optometrist near me cannot be overemphasized. When faced with eye problems that could affect my vision; experience is everything. The more experience an optometrist has with a condition or procedure, the better the expertise. So be sure to find out how much experience your intended optometrist has before booking that appointment. Find out how many patients with your specific condition he/she has treated. And if you’ll need a specific procedure, find out how many of such procedures he/she has performed, as well as the success/complication rates. 


Believe it or not, other people’s opinions do matter in delicate situations like this. Learning what other people have to say about an optometrist or ophthalmologist usually provides useful insight into how I choose an eye doctor near me. Patient satisfaction surveys typically reveal whether or not a prospect is thorough and experienced or not. And from my experience, it pays dividends. However, look out for paid surveys that may be misleading, they usually lack any real substance or sincerity.


Whenever I need a new optometrist near me, I always rely on good old referrals. An Optometrist with a positive referral rating must certainly be doing something right to merit such referrals. I ask around and make a list of the top two optometrists or ophthalmologists and contact them. So if you need a new optometrist, be sure to ask your family, friends, and even your primary care doctor for recommendations.


I make it my business to verify that the optometrist I am considering to visit is duly certified, and has all the relevant qualifications to handle such cases. It’s important to find out if he/she has the necessary training and skills to treat a range of vision and eye problems. You should also research the doctors’ certification, credentials, experience, as well as malpractice and disciplinary history to know whether he/she is truly a professional or a fraud.


I look out for optometrists/ophthalmologist near me with fully equipped state-of-the-art facilities that offer cutting edge eye-care services, have professional and friendly staff as well as advanced knowledge of how to deploy these technologies to achieve optimum results.

For something as delicate as eye-care, it’s extremely important for one to get the best professional help that one can get, and of course, get value for monies spent. So the next time you or someone you know needs an eye-care specialist, you might want to take advantage of these same methods that I use to get an optometrist near me, or simply click here to get an expert eye-care specialist that fits the bill.