Understanding Ortho K and Why It May Be Exactly What You

 As you grow older and the quality of your eyesight starts to change, you may become more interested in ways to maintain your vision,causing you to stumble on what’s known as ortho K.

Understandably, you’re not going to sign up for any kind of treatment for your eyes. If the treatment you receive is in anyway suspicious, the consequences could be dire. Ortho K is not something for you to fear, however.

That is especially true if you are planning to get the treatment from Dr. Paul Super and the Eyesite Optometric Group.

Do I Need to Seek Out Ortho K Near Me?

 There are all kinds of ways for them to correct your vision.

They prescribe glasses to individuals who have encountered trouble seeing, and in some cases, they offer surgery as a viable option. Truthfully, there is no right or wrong choice for which form of treatment to receive. You may not have much of an option if your condition warrants a specific treatment.

Now if you happen to be suffering from myopia or near-sightedness, you have options to choose from. Glasses can work in many cases, but that may not be enough, and surgery may be an option to consider.

Before moving forward with any treatment, though, I would urge you to look up ortho k.

The next time someone asks “Do I need to find ortho k near me,” you now know, what kind of response to offer.

What Kind of Work Can You Expect from an Ortho K Doctor?

 Ortho k is about using specially made contact lenses to temporarily alter the shape of the corneas. It’s sensitive and precise work, but far less invasive than surgery.

Once the doctor has determined that ortho k is the right course of treatment for you after aclose examination, the mapping process can get underway. The ortho k doctor will accurately map the shape of your eyes by using an instrument known as a corneal topographer.

The doctor will then use that information to design contact lenses that will fit you perfectly. You can now start wearing them.

The lenses will work to flatten out the midpoint of your cornea, and that will subsequently change how light reaches your eyes. That change should address your problems with near-sightedness.

How Long Does Ortho K Treatment Last?

 Something you should know about ortho k before you decide is that it's a treatment process that takes a long period of time.

You’ll start by wearing the lenses overnight and taking them out every morning. In all likelihood, you will need to secure more than one pair of lenses. This part of the process will continue until your corneas change. The doctor will prescribe new retainer lenses for you to wear at that point.

There is some risk involved with this kind of treatment for near-sightedness, but you can manage it well if you care for your lenses properly and remain careful around your eyes.

Try Out This Form of Treatment for Yourself

 Correcting your vision as soon as it becomes a problem would be ideal. If glasses aren’t working and surgery is something you would rather avoid, know there are still ways for you to get the treatment you need.

Start receiving ortho k treatment now by either calling the Eyesite Optometric Group using the number 310-820-2020 or by checking out their website.