Amelia Super photo

Amelia's favorite ice cream flavor is Rum Raisin.  

Dr. Paul Super

Dr. Paul Super

Dr. Super's  go-to dance move is John Travolta's classic Saturday Night Fever. No white romper required.

Dr. Stephanie Ivor-Smith

Dr. Stephanie Ivor-Smith

Dr. Ivor-Smith's favorite TV show is Grey's Anatomy! Pass the popcorn!

Damian Hunter

Damian Hunter optician photo

Damian's favorite animal is a dog. Man's best friend, duh!

Nairi Karapetian

Nairi Karapetian Bel Air manager photo

Nairi has a very sweet hobby. She koves creating beautiful candy tables for events on her free time.

Yadira Guerrero

Yadira Guerrero optician photo

Yadira is fun, bubbly, and always up for a nap!

Perla Sanchez

Perla Sanchez receptionist photo

Perla's favorite movie at the moment is "A Star Is Born". P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face :)