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We appreciate your business and trust in us. Our promise to you is to ensure your health and safety during your visit with us and assure you of the strictest hygiene measures being practiced.

Meet our eyesite family


Stephanie Ivor-Smith - O.D., F.A.A.O.

I grew up in Northern California. I am also a wife and a mother.

Austin is my little, almost four years old. And he is just a mini replica of his Dad, Randall! 

I worked at The Eyesite before following my dream to go to an optometry school - so my foundation was set with great eye care before I even started!

I spent four years completing my doctorate and then some additional fellowship time in Colorado focusing on eye health and diseases. I’ve come full circle and back at my home base with the Supers growing and building patients into our Brentwood community. I love what I do and the people around me are my family!

Paul Super - O.D., F.A.A.O.

Paul Super, O.D., F.A.A.O., is a leader in the field of optometry, with an emphasis on post-surgical contact lenses, keratoconus, dry eyes, red or itchy eyes, eyeglasses, sunglasses, and vision enhancement.

He is known as “the patient’s doctor,” due to his gentle style, patience, dedication, compassion, and for having one of the best patient care in the medical field. He is the eye doctor that physicians choose for their personal eye care needs. His colleagues refer to him for assistance with “challenging to fit” patients, with many patients coming to him as their last hope for optimum vision.

Dr. Super, O.D. served as the Chair of Optometry at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry. Dr. Super, O.D. has authored articles in National Optometric, Ophthalmologic and Optical journals, and has lectured on post-surgical care of corneal transplants for keratoconus. He is a researcher for a multitude of FDA studies, including contact lens designs, dryness and allergies, and the lipid medication Mevacor. Dr. Super, O.D. has also provided contact lenses and glasses to the first space tourist!


Damian Hunter - Lab Manager

Hi! I'm an ABO Certified Optical Manager with 30 years' experience in the optical industry. Former drummer with a huge love of many musical genres. I'm blessed with a wonderful son who shares my passion for music and drumming. I enjoy discovering new restaurants and trying different types of food!

I live in Rancho Palos Verde - so my commute is quite a distance daily, but I'm so happy to be working for The Eyesite. Dr. Super and Dr. Ivor- Smith are very passionate and caring doctors. I enjoy meeting and helping patients find glasses that look great and are optically the best possible for them.

I’m an easy-going kind of guy - I’m the one who likes to troubleshoot and make things right!


Melinda Seltin - Optician

Hi, I’m Mel! I started my optician career in 1998 and have loved it ever since. I was born and raised in Chicago. I have a son who is a US Navy Diver and a daughter who is a sophomore in the Honors College at UMKC. I made sure my kids were set up and now I was ready to start my next chapter! So I recently moved to Los Angeles from Kansas City. Amelia thinks I’m a courageous warrior who moved across the country to start a new life I’ve always dreamed of!

I love my craft! Nothing gives me more kicks than helping our patients select a great pair of glasses and guide them through choosing the right lenses for the best vision! I love working at The Eyesite because I know that the Supers truly want to provide exceptional services and products - no short cuts! And it’s a truly comforting feeling knowing they aren’t just in it for the sales but for the best quality and relationships that mean everything to them!


Perla Sanchez

Hi, my name is Perla! I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I have always had a great passion for helping others. In my high school years, I was a teachers' assistant and a community activist and enjoyed tutoring kids in my neighborhood after school. I also helped change my neighborhood by getting people involved in LA river cleanups and activist meetings. When I realized I had a passion for art and I became a makeup artist and started teaching women how to make themselves look their best. I currently study to become a registered nurse.

I enjoy taking care of our patients by making sure that all their requests are met. Whether you have a question about your insurance benefits or want to make an appointment, I'm here for you! I help our patients understand their benefits and the importance of following up with their eye health annually.

I enjoy working at The Eyesite! It's a place where you can find people you can trust like your neighborhood family. Eyesite Family :)


Daniel Safford

Hi there! My name is Dan and my passion in life is to make people smile through genuine care for others. I have been fortunate enough to find a place in the Eyesite where I am surrounded by like-minded individuals who always put the care of others at the forefront.

I was born and raised in Santa Clarita, CA and my life since has taken me to three of the four corners of the United States, having lived in upstate New York, then Key West, Florida and I am now back to Southern California.

I have always had a strong affinity for the outdoors, which is one of the main reasons I sold my truck almost 2 years ago and have turned myself into a cyclist to minimize my carbon footprint.
I also enjoy writing in a multitude of genres from academic articles to fiction novels and poetry. The written word is a wonderfully beautiful thing and has transformed my life.

My motto is simple; TGIT - "Thank God It's Today ". There is no need to wait for Friday to be happy in my book. So let's celebrate 2020 with a clear vision for the future and by making some people smile.  


Kristina Vinogradova

Hi, I'm Kristina! I started my career in optics four years ago in San Francisco. I'd had my eye (no pun intended) on The Eyesite for a little bit before I moved to Los Angeles and I was so excited to get an opportunity to work with the Supers! 

You can find me in our Glen location! Whether it's time for you to get your next perfect pair of glasses, order contacts, adjust or fix your glasses, I'm here for you! Stop by and say hello :)


Yadira Guerrero

I’ve worked at The Eyesite for three years and I love what I do!
What do I do? - let’s see... I answer phones, book appointments, pull insurance authorizations, learning to help our patients choose frames and lenses, help Amelia with all sorts of tasks such as inventory and paperwork - lots of paperwork! And I know that I will be an Optician one day!

I live with my family in Lancaster where we have a big lot of property. Even though it's quite a commute, we enjoy having lots of open space where my younger siblings and our dogs can enjoy playing outside and roam freely around the property. 


Helen Santos

I love the optical industry and I currently study to become a nurse one day! I have two little kids and my husband is an EMS worker too!

We live out in Santa Clarita but our goal is to get our own place a little closer to our workplaces. 

I work in both the Glen and Brentwood locations and you can find me up at the Glen most weekends! Stop by and say hello! I love helping people choose their next favorite pair of glasses!

We look forward to meeting you!

Let's find your next favorite pair of glasses! (by appointment only)

Let's find your next favorite pair of glasses! (by appointment only)

Let's find your next favorite pair of glasses! (by appointment only)

We'll be offering in-person Eye Exams starting May 16th, 2020.

Let's find your next favorite pair of glasses! (by appointment only)

Let's find your next favorite pair of glasses! (by appointment only)