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Comprehensive Eye Exam

Our doctors perform comprehensive eye exams in order to ensure that your ocular health remains intact. Through these exams, Dr. Super and Dr. Ivor-Smith will help you determine your exact prescription. But, that’s not all. These exams are crucial for diagnosing and preventing eye diseases, including glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration.

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Contact Lens Fitting

Our doctors are skilled in fitting a variety of contact lenses including post-surgical contact lenses, multi-focal, rigid gas permeable, hybrid, and scleral lenses.

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Medical Eye Exam

A medical eye exam differs from a comprehensive eye exam in that it's an exam where we’re evaluating or treating a patient for some sort of medical condition such as glaucoma, uveitis, retinal conditions, dry eye, pink eye, and other medical issues that that can't be fixed with glasses or contacts.

Our Specialties

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If you’ve noticed that your eyesight is getting progressively worse to the point that your vision is now distorted or even blurry, you may have keratoconus. Usually, the disease progresses quickly at the beginning, then slows down. But what can we do in the meantime is to come up with a feasible keratoconus treatment plan.

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Pre- and Post-Surgical Patient Care

We offer co-management for pre- and post-operative surgical care for cataracts, cornea transplants, and refractive surgery (LASIK, PRK, ICLs, and Corneal Cross-Linking). Our eye care professionals are highly trained  fully qualified to provide follow-up care once you are “released” by your surgeon.  

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Dry Eye

Dry eyes feel uncomfortable. It's a common condition that occurs when your tears aren't able to provide adequate lubrication for your eyes. See our doctors if you've had prolonged signs and symptoms of dry eyes, including red, irritated, tired or painful eyes.

Our Vision

Our caring doctors have a uniquely comprehensive knowledge of the field and assure excellent care and comfort for every patient. The detailed level of service and genuine interest in our patients' health that Dr. Super and Dr. Ivor-Smith provide is simply unmatched in the industry and certainly in the Los Angeles area. 

Our office has some of the most cutting edge medical equipment and the professional and friendly staff have a superior concept of customer service and medical professionalism.  We believe in a customized and personalized experience for each and every patient. 

Come in today to experience first hand your best vision and to update your look with a frame from our extensive collection of designer frames. 


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